Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is your history?

I decided I wanted to write a book about relationships enlew of my recent breakup. But as I begin to put thoughts together I started thinking about my Herstory (history). What has transpired in my life to bring me to this point in my life of just wanting to be single. As I reflect I came to the conclusion that I have been concerned with other folks emotions since I was 12. Can you believe that, I had my first boyfriend at 12? He was 15 and we met over one springbreak while he was visiting his "god sister". Found out later they were having sex.

Anywho, so as I go back into my pandora's box, I realize I have not had a break for self and I am taking it now 23 years later. Do I want to date? Sure, every girl has needs and enjoys a free meal. But serious is not in my vocabulary right now when it comes to relationships. So, as I take the key and begin to unravel my Herstory, I would like you to journey with and chime in with your thoughts.

Til next tym...blessings