Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is your history?

I decided I wanted to write a book about relationships enlew of my recent breakup. But as I begin to put thoughts together I started thinking about my Herstory (history). What has transpired in my life to bring me to this point in my life of just wanting to be single. As I reflect I came to the conclusion that I have been concerned with other folks emotions since I was 12. Can you believe that, I had my first boyfriend at 12? He was 15 and we met over one springbreak while he was visiting his "god sister". Found out later they were having sex.

Anywho, so as I go back into my pandora's box, I realize I have not had a break for self and I am taking it now 23 years later. Do I want to date? Sure, every girl has needs and enjoys a free meal. But serious is not in my vocabulary right now when it comes to relationships. So, as I take the key and begin to unravel my Herstory, I would like you to journey with and chime in with your thoughts.

Til next tym...blessings

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What if...

What if I had the world at the palm of my hands, would I be happy?
What if I could be the God everyone needed me to be, would you be happy?
What if I could solve hunger in Afrika, would that make me a saint?
What if I won the lottery, would you be my friend?
What if I was none of these things, would that make less human?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follow Up

Hey JL Juicers,

Since my 6 day detox has ended I feel like I have been doing fairly well. I think the major key is removing process foods from the menu. Like the other night, I made a sea food golosh. Some jumbo shrimp with crab meat in a white cream sauce (maybe not the best) over a bed of all natural speghetti noodles NOT the bleached noodles.

It is not a matter of not eating what you love just what is in what you love. We all know change is not easy and when you have been doing something ALL your life it is hard to say now I am going to do this. But if you do not make a difference in your life who will. NO ONE loves you more or better than you can love yourself.

What did you do TODAY to show love to you?

--be blessed

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Day 6


I did it. I completed my 6 days of detox. I am so proud that I stuck with it and I hope for anyone who is or wants to cleanse themselves inside out you can stay focused and encouraged.

I can get back to eating tomorrow, but I will not let this detox go in vein by jumping back into bad eating habits. I am going on another field trip to the health food store to keep my system on the right track.

These 6 days have been great, hard, challenging and rewarding. Day 6 in nothing like day 1. It is a release that I have made it to this point. I lost 4 pounds in 6 days which is just a start towards my ultimate goal of 50 pounds, but by this time next year it will be accomplished. I believe that.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 4 and 5

Hello my good people,

So day 4 was the worse for me of all the days. I thought that once I got through day 3 I would be fine, but I played a mind game with myself. Day 4 came and I wanted to eat. That started early in the morning. I hung in there don't get me wrong, but I wanted FOOD! Not like a hamburger or pizza, but some good old fashion flavor. Anyway, I got through the day and it ended on a positive note.

Day 5, is like the hurrah point. I woke up and felt like I just have 1 more day, 1 more day. It feels good to have done this for myself. Once it is complete tomorrow I am on to phase II. Healthier eating. The second book I read, 21 pounds in 21 days, is my next step. Not starving myself for 21 days, but eating real live food for 21 days.

I feel so blessed and thankful for this temple God has blessed me with. What have you done great for yourself today?

--be blessed

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 3

Hey good people,

I have made it through day 2. Ya Whoooo!!! I think. I tell you doing the right thing for your health is not the easiest thing to do. I will not say that I do not miss eating my favorite foods, but what I can say is I am glad I am on the right track to feeling better about my overall health. I remember being that 20 year old who could eat anything and never thought twice about it, but 15 years later I need to consider everything I choo choo train into my mouth.

Day 3 is off to a wonderful start. I slept in a little bit though because it felt so good. LOL , but I am drinking my drink and JL juicing my fruit and I can say that as each day passes it gets easier. We can't trust this food that they are making for us. First its spinach. Remember that? Now we in a swine flu epidemic. What is next? The trees are creating too much oxygen. I goodness. I just decided to do some research on better ways to take care of myself for me.

I have made it through the half way mark. I am so proud of myself. I just feel so good that I did this much, but whatever you put your mind to you can do. Halfway through still feels like day one though meaning I can't wait til this is over. I thought that when I started. 6 days Wow! I think I can -I think I can. Three days later, I think I can -I think I can. I think I am just ready to go on to phase 2. Eating real food, BUT healthier food. Mmmm Mmmmm Good.

Anywho, til tomorrow

--be blessed

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 1 & 2 to Better Health

Hello All,

If you read my last post I talked about taking baby steps to better health.

Well, today is my second day of my 6 day colon detox. The first day went pretty well. I was slightly hungry, but I believe my mind is stonger than my belly. I could have given up and eaten dinner with my family because the steak and bake potatoes sure looked good but instead I just cooked without even tasting and stuck to the program.

I was doubtful the first morning because I had not convinced myself that I would start TODAY. So in turn I began to believe that I could put it off another day. Which we all know that another day becomes another day which becomes another day and so on. It was nothing but fear talking and I did not listen. I thought about my walk through JL juicer heaven and I made TODAY the day.

The second day, which is today, has started off great. I woke up a little earlier to get started with the day even though it is Saturday. It felt good not to wake up hungry. So I kicked off the morning with my cleansing drink, I JL juiced 3 grapefruits, mid-day snack was another 20 oz cleansing drink and I JL juiced 2 pints of strawberries (delish) I had MORE drink. Now I will not say that this is the best thing to be drinking all day, but my thoughts are-I am doing it for better health- I want to feel good from the inside out and not just enjoy the applepie a la mode then be miserable later. I want to learn to appreciate food the is good for me and not just good to me. Anywho, I have had bananas and more drink and it is just 4 pm. I only have about 2 more cleansing drinks to down and more fruit to drink and day 2 will be done.

I am just excited about the possibility of making myself feel good about me. I will be 40 and FANTABULOUS not just 40.

--be blessed