Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 1 & 2 to Better Health

Hello All,

If you read my last post I talked about taking baby steps to better health.

Well, today is my second day of my 6 day colon detox. The first day went pretty well. I was slightly hungry, but I believe my mind is stonger than my belly. I could have given up and eaten dinner with my family because the steak and bake potatoes sure looked good but instead I just cooked without even tasting and stuck to the program.

I was doubtful the first morning because I had not convinced myself that I would start TODAY. So in turn I began to believe that I could put it off another day. Which we all know that another day becomes another day which becomes another day and so on. It was nothing but fear talking and I did not listen. I thought about my walk through JL juicer heaven and I made TODAY the day.

The second day, which is today, has started off great. I woke up a little earlier to get started with the day even though it is Saturday. It felt good not to wake up hungry. So I kicked off the morning with my cleansing drink, I JL juiced 3 grapefruits, mid-day snack was another 20 oz cleansing drink and I JL juiced 2 pints of strawberries (delish) I had MORE drink. Now I will not say that this is the best thing to be drinking all day, but my thoughts are-I am doing it for better health- I want to feel good from the inside out and not just enjoy the applepie a la mode then be miserable later. I want to learn to appreciate food the is good for me and not just good to me. Anywho, I have had bananas and more drink and it is just 4 pm. I only have about 2 more cleansing drinks to down and more fruit to drink and day 2 will be done.

I am just excited about the possibility of making myself feel good about me. I will be 40 and FANTABULOUS not just 40.

--be blessed

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