Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 3

Hey good people,

I have made it through day 2. Ya Whoooo!!! I think. I tell you doing the right thing for your health is not the easiest thing to do. I will not say that I do not miss eating my favorite foods, but what I can say is I am glad I am on the right track to feeling better about my overall health. I remember being that 20 year old who could eat anything and never thought twice about it, but 15 years later I need to consider everything I choo choo train into my mouth.

Day 3 is off to a wonderful start. I slept in a little bit though because it felt so good. LOL , but I am drinking my drink and JL juicing my fruit and I can say that as each day passes it gets easier. We can't trust this food that they are making for us. First its spinach. Remember that? Now we in a swine flu epidemic. What is next? The trees are creating too much oxygen. I goodness. I just decided to do some research on better ways to take care of myself for me.

I have made it through the half way mark. I am so proud of myself. I just feel so good that I did this much, but whatever you put your mind to you can do. Halfway through still feels like day one though meaning I can't wait til this is over. I thought that when I started. 6 days Wow! I think I can -I think I can. Three days later, I think I can -I think I can. I think I am just ready to go on to phase 2. Eating real food, BUT healthier food. Mmmm Mmmmm Good.

Anywho, til tomorrow

--be blessed

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