Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follow Up

Hey JL Juicers,

Since my 6 day detox has ended I feel like I have been doing fairly well. I think the major key is removing process foods from the menu. Like the other night, I made a sea food golosh. Some jumbo shrimp with crab meat in a white cream sauce (maybe not the best) over a bed of all natural speghetti noodles NOT the bleached noodles.

It is not a matter of not eating what you love just what is in what you love. We all know change is not easy and when you have been doing something ALL your life it is hard to say now I am going to do this. But if you do not make a difference in your life who will. NO ONE loves you more or better than you can love yourself.

What did you do TODAY to show love to you?

--be blessed

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