Friday, May 1, 2009

What is Better Health?

I have been on this journey for myself to improve my overall health. So I decided to do some research and find what will be best for me.

This journey began one evening as I was sitting watching some tv and I seen a Jack Lelanne juicer infomercial. For just two low payments of $49.99 this fabulous juicer could be yours! Now prior to this I had been talking to myself, yes myself, about what I wanted to do but never really did it. Just about a week before I saw the infomercial I bought a book by Dr. Edward F. Group III, Complete Colon Cleanse. I also picked up Kevin Trudeau's book, More Natural Cures Revealed. Now I had heard and seen Kevin Trudeaus informercials, but never bought a book. This was a paper back for only $8 so I said what the hell. I got the books home glanced at them and that was it.

As I mentioned, a week later I saw the Jack Lelanne juicer infomercial. Just a little TMI, my friends and family know I am a true as seen on tv sucker, I digresss. So I picked up the phone dialed the infomous 800 # and began my descend into juicer heaven. The sales rep took me through the how great of a product this is, to all the JL affiliates--sign up for this 30 day free trial and get this gift card or that gift- I say yes sure of course I will (knowing I would cancel before the free trial expires)- gave her my credit card info, shipping address and so on. Now it is the close of the deal and she says your first payment of $84 will be charged to the card. This is where I heard the skreech in the record, the smile turned upside down and as Arnold would say "What you talking bout woman?" How we get from $49.99 to $84? Shipping and handling is $25, she says. I'm thinking, I don't care about ship or handle, I just want to pay $49.99. So needless to say that deal did not close. I was not going to pay $25 to become a juicer extraordinair in 4 to 6 weeks nor an extra $10 for 7 to 10 days. I'm pretty sure I messed her quota up that day. Sorry boo.

But I was still adamant on getting into juicer heaven. So the following day, you know the informercials be late at night, I went on my journey to find the JL substitute. Where would be a good place to start?I had seen a $60 one in Mr. Walmart,but the mouth was to small, Mr. Sams did not have any, but those snacks they give out sure are delicious, the strawberry short cake, shrimp cocktail and the string beans with almonds sauteed in olive oil will get a sistah full, I digress again, sorry. Anyway, my honey and I stumbled upon JC Penny's. They had a juicer on sale for $30 originally $59.99. There was only one left, but I was not sold. I will take it if I can not find anything else. So we moseyed on down to Sears. The selection was minimal. Back to JC Penny it is! Just then I heard this voice say, "Isn't that the one you want?" It was a true JL himself. Not JL who said that, that was my honey, but a true JL juicer. Once more the music started playing, my frown became a smile and I had happy feet. How did I just walk right passed it? It was there all along calling me-Sinita, down here, but I was in such a funk my ears were not listening. It was weird though, after my hunt for a JL substitute came to an end I started to doubt my choice. Should i get it? Do I want to pay that much for it-minus the shipping and handling of course? So after my honey knocked some sense into my head and plus I had been dragging him around, I got it! I am in JL juicer heaven. I have arrived.

I must say this was one of the best purchases I have ever made. This juicer is the bomb. If you are not drinking fresh fruit juice you are just drinking and we know how that can ends up.

Join me on my journey to better health. Dont be afraid. Take baby steps. Become a JL juicer extraordinair.

---be blessed

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  1. That whole convo with the sales lady cracks me up! FYI- still juicin'! Thay say you'll only do it for a month but I love it! They don't make every kind of juice!